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Employment Counseling Program For Employment Counselors
Impact of Unemployment
  • Stages of adjustment
  • The job search burn out
  • The job loss cycle

  • Barriers to Employment
  • Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Abuse, Addiction

  • Preventing Non-compliance
  • Recognizing non-compliance
  • Causes of non-compliance
  • Reducing non-compliance
  • Managing your reactions to non-compliance

  • Motivating Clients
  • Motivation theories applications and limits
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, Theory X and Theory Y, Herzberg's       Dissatisfyers and Satisfyers, Behavior Modification, Koman's demotivators       and motivators.
  • The P.A.L. motivational system
    Job Search Strategies
  • Labour Market Realities
  • Developing a individualized job search plan
  • 4 Games to finding a job before it gets advertised. A time tested job       search system.
  • The 4P job search system. A step by step approach to playing the waiting       game.
  • Organizing the job search - record keeping and scheduling.

  • Low-Risk Job Interviews
  • Understanding employer patterns
  • Presentation and non-verbal behaviours
  • Demonstration of specific behaviors that help to create positive       impressions
  • Interview preparation
  • Low-risk and high-risk answers to common interview questions
  • Questions to ask during an interview
    A Task Centered Employment Counselling Model
  • Highlights of research about time limited counselling
  • Summary of Task-Centered Theory - structure of contracts with the client       in which problems, goals and tasks are agreed upon
  • Direct and indirect job search tasks related to the four games to finding a       job before it gets advertised and low risk job interview strategies
  • Independent, assisted and the structured job search
  • Examples of action tasks related to employment planning, job searching,       job interviews, education, community placements and community referrals
  • Task Centered planning and action plan summary process and examples

    Employment Counselling Assessment
  • Process - discuss overall process, clarify roles and expectations, explain       the assessment and action plan development process, gather information
  • Employment Assessment questions to motivate and encourage
  • Motivational information and strategies
  • Employment assessment and action plan development

    Employment Planning
  • Predestination and self-transformation
  • Richard Bolles - Three stages of personal development
  • Labour market predictions use and limitations
  • Labour market prediction factors and considerations
  • Frank Feathers' 5 wave economy
  • Emerging careers and best jobs for the 21st Century
  • Personality and vocational tests : Holland Code, True Colors, CHOICES,       National Occupational Classification (NOC), VALPAR 3000, Myers-Briggs       Type Indicator
    Counselling and Interviewing Skills
  • Characteristics of an effective helper
  • Microskills hierarchy - attending, open and closed questions, observation       skills, encouraging, paraphrasing, summarization, reflection,       confrontation, focusing
  • Influencing skills - assessing developmental orientation, directives, logical       consequences, self-disclosure, feedback, interpretation and reframing,       influencing summary, information, advice, instruction, suggestion, skill       integration
  • The interview structure

    Dealing with difficult people
  • Signs of a difficult person
  • Goals of a misbehaving adult
  • Your responses and reactions
  • The 4C method for handling difficult people
  • Practical strategies for diffusing difficult situations
  • Duration: 4 Days (Program runs once a month)

    Cost: $ 1999 + HST

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