Employment Counseling Program For Employment Counselors

Impact of Unemployment
    - Stages of adjustment
    - The job search burn out
    - The job loss cycle
Barriers to Employment
    - Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Abuse, Addiction
Preventing Non-compliance
    - Recognizing non-compliance
    - Causes of non-compliance
    - Reducing non-compliance
    - Managing your reactions to non-compliance
Job Search Strategies
    - Labour Market Realities
    - Developing a individualized job search plan
    - 4 Games to finding a job before it gets advertised. A time tested job search system.
    - The 4P job search system. A step by step approach to playing the waiting game.
    - Organizing the job search - record keeping and scheduling.
Low-Risk Job Interviews
    - Understanding employer patterns
    - Presentation and non-verbal behaviours
    - Demonstration of specific behaviors that help to create positive impressions
    - Interview preparation
    - Low-risk and high-risk answers to common interview questions
    - Questions to ask during an interview
A Task Centered Employment Counselling Model
    - Highlights of research about time limited counselling
    - Summary of Task-Centered Theory - structure of contracts with the client in which problems,       goals and tasks are agreed upon
    - Direct and indirect job search tasks related to the four games to finding a job before it gets       advertised and low risk job interview strategies
    - Independent, assisted and the structured job search
    - Task Centered planning and action plan summary process and examples
Employment Counselling Assessment
    - Process - discuss overall process, clarify roles and expectations, explain the assessment and       action plan development process, gather information
    - Employment Assessment questions to motivate and encourage
    - Motivational information and strategies
    - Employment assessment and action plan development
Counselling and Interviewing Skills
    - Characteristics of an effective helper
    - Microskills hierarchy - attending, open and closed questions, observation skills, encouraging,        paraphrasing, summarization, reflection, confrontation, focusing
    -The interview structure
Dealing with difficult people
    - Signs of a difficult person
    - Goals of a misbehaving adult
    - Your responses and reactions
    - The 4C method for handling difficult people
    - Practical strategies for diffusing difficult situations
Duration: 4 Days (Program runs once a month)
Cost: $ 1999 + HST

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